Jack M. B. Selway
Writing and Voice Over Talent, 1957-2012
Rotary Global History Fellowship, since 1 October 2000

Jack M. B. Selway is the founder of Rotary Global History Fellowship, formed 11 October 2000. The fellowship of Rotary historians





The world's first video orientation, for a Rotary Club. Produced in 1984, at Orinda, California, by Jack M. B. Selway Woman and Rotary www.jeanharris.org
This vintage video, produced in 1984, by Jack M. B. Selway, was prior to women becoming members and the content reflects an earlier time.
Musical tribute for the 80th anniversary of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce - 1991

Narration honoring Paul Harvey in 2000 for the

convention of the Congressional Medal of

Honor Society

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